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PennHip X-rays

PennHip X-rays

Dr Lowther is accredited for the Penn Hip X-ray technique to assess dogs for hip dysplasia. This enables much better quantification of hip laxity and propensity for hip dysplasia than the standard Australian Veterinary Association program X-ray views, and can detect hip dysplasia much earlier in the dogs life i.e. at 3 months versus 12 months in the standard technique.

Using the Penn Hip X-ray technique, a stifle distractor is used during the X-ray to place outwards pressure on the hip joint to expose laxity in the joint. The standard approach involves rotating the legs towards the midline and can cause the hips to look less lax than they really are.

If you are truly concerned with screening your dog for hip dysplasia prior to breeding, please discuss Penn Hip X-rays with Dr Lowther.

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