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Adult Dog Vaccination

The immunity from puppy vaccination weakens over time and your pet can again become susceptible to disease. Annual health checks and booster vaccinations, as required, will provide the best protection for the life of your pet. At Lindisfarne Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to have been amongst the first veterinary clinics in Hobart to offer triennial vaccinations for the core diseases Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis. This means that we can protect your dog from these diseases from 1 year of age with vaccinations every 3 years. This reduces the vaccine load we give your dog over it’s life and reduces the risk of adverse immune reactions to vaccination. Some vaccinations, ie for Kennel Cough and leptospirosis, still require annual vaccination to maintain adequate protection for these diseases.

After Vaccination Care

Following vaccination your dog may be off-colour for a day or two, or have some slight swelling or tenderness at the injection site. Access to food and water and a comfortable area to rest are usually all that is required for a quick recovery. However, if the response seems more severe, you should contact us for advice.

Please give us a call to discuss a suitable vaccination regime for your pet puppy or dog.

Infectious Diseases of Dogs that we Vaccinate Against

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